Services we provide

Interior Design

We create the aesthetics of your space with innovative materials, combining form, color and texture changes in a harmonious composition with lighting


We prepare the architectural design of your house, as well as plan for the implementation of our proposals.


We can build your house, regardless of the stage the construction currently is. Additionally, we can undertake smaller parts of the house such as bathroom or kitchen.

Commercial Spaces

We can design and build your store, creating not just another store, but a high quality growing sales area.


We implement innovative designs and styles, opening up new perspectives in the field of interior design and decoration, combining materials that create a particular, outstanding end result.

Food Stores

We can reshape your store, make it glow and have its own unique character.


We can plan the lighting design of your space, using our advanced know-how, creating a relaxing environment or a place for inspiration, depending on your needs.

What our customers say

Redeko renovated our home in a record time and we were perfectly happy with the end result.

- Georgios Antonopoulos / Citizen


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